Monday, December 21, 2009

Dew Labs on Twitter

k8johnson Disappearing line between Mktrs & Product Designers + Comments from a DEW Labs member ~Curious 2 see post launch results...

kalalea @K8Johnson Interesting comment by Dew Labs - Real control, hmm? Is this crowd sourcing? How open can brand be?

k8johnson @kalalea I guess you call that controlled crowd sourcing. And there always will be checks & balances, that's what keeps a brand on track...

lifeasatool @kalalea @Mtn_Dew fan input is awesome, but it must be checked. Allowing kids to make huge marketing choices unaided would be irresponsible

I agree with k8johnson and lifeasatool. Crowd sourcing all the marketing decisions would basically mean letting a devoted - but unruly and generally rash - group of die-hard Mountain Dew fans direct a massive marketing campaign, a job that should be reserved for college trained experts in the field with years of experience. What Mountain Dew is doing... what is really awesome about this campaign, is the dialog they have with us the Dew Fans. They are connecting with us socially in a big way, the marketer having an open dialog with the consumer, and all this is new having been made possible by the rise of social networking technologies.

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