Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Voting is Like in Dew Labs

Dew fans have made decisions every step of the way through the DEWmocracy 2.0 campaign. One of the final big choices has been the selection of an advertiser for each of the flavor nations. Last week voting open to the general fan base narrowed down all the 12-second video submissions down to six. Then, those six were asked to make pitch videos to try and convince Dew Labs members who are divided into flavor nations WhiteOut, Distortion, and Typhoon to let them represent their flavor. Each flavor nation viewed the 12-second videos and the pitch videos, then discussed the pros and cons of each in private (i.e. blind to the other flavor nations). Following discussion, Dew Labs members anonymously submitted their top choice for their flavor.

In case of a tie, preference was giving to the flavor nation with the greater number of clicks during the Twitter name race. I believe Distortion had the most clicks, followed by Typhoon, and finally WhiteOut. The submissions were tallied today and the winners are chosen! I would love to spill the beans, but I don't dare until Mountain Dew officially announces the winners. Though, I will say that the advertiser that I voted for didn't win... in fact the advertiser I liked the least won for my flavor nation. But anyhow, that's how it goes with democratic decisions... George W. was my least favorite candidate back in the day and he won too.

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