Friday, April 23, 2010

The Case For White Out

This spring is going to be special. Once again, every Dew fan will have their own opinion about which Dew should be added to the permanent line. Taste is so personal: taste in music, art, clothing styles, pizza toppings, and, of course, Dew flavors. In 2008, I was a fan of all three DEWmocracy flavors. I felt it was my "DEW-ty" to vote anyway, and I ended up voting for Revolution because of the packaging! I never had been a fan of the black backgrounds on Code Red, Live Wire, Supernova, or Voltage. Since I liked all three DEWmocracy flavors equally, my decision came down to a secondary trait... never underestimate such things. Let's discuss a couple secondary qualities that I strongly believe could end up giving White Out the edge in April:
1. It's Clear Dew. (Officially, white flash-colored Dew.)

+ I could not be happier that white flash was chosen over the two yellowish shades. When I first sampled the seven potential Dews, I did so without looking at the color. Food/soda color does influence people's opinions... and taste buds. If White Out had emerged as a yellow beverage, comparisons to classic Mtn Dew (which I don't see) may have had increased believability.

+ White Out's color easily alludes to the visualization of snow-capped mountains. The sweet winning label art made by Andre Z has been modified to fit the super smooth wintry White Out theme.

+ Those who remember Crystal Pepsi might bring it up after learning about this crystal Dew but they'll quickly pipe down once they take a swig.

+ While I'm not entirely certain that the product released in April will completely lack opacity, White Out would comfortably fit in places (like some stadiums, theatres, lecture rooms) where everything but H2O is prohibited or discouraged. I have poured Sierra Mist into water bottles in the past, but c'mon! Dew!

2. Awesome alternate meanings: blizzards and correction fluid

+ In weather terminology, a whiteout condition means visibility is zero because of snow.

+ In the universe of office supplies, whiteout is used to blot over mistakes on paper.

+ Possible slogan: "Blot out" a dull moment with a bottle of Mtn Dew White Out.
+ I have a wonderful correction fluid-themed ad idea that I'll reveal eventually.

The flavor's there. The packaging is solid. Getting undecided voters on board could be key to White Out's success. Follow White Out flavor nation on Twitter: May the best Dew win.

-A White Out flavor nation member

Thanks anonymous White Out man! I think that you make great arguments for the success of White Out... it will be interesting to see what drink the American drinkers at large like. I want to make one clarification on the color, it really is white - not clear. There are tons of clear and white-ish sodas out there, but have you ever seen a really white, white out conditions white, soda?

REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR MTN DEW WHITE OUT! Go to, or text 493 to 68339!


  1. White Out is also on Facebook,....

  2. White out the best mt dew yet love it

  3. Sorry White Out and Typhoon are Disgusting Im voting Distortion!

  4. Whoever does this site is just a Dewlabs member obviously on Team White Out. This site does not and is not Dewlabs. I think its wrong that your on here & twitter acting like you are Dewlabs when you just simply a member of it.

  5. Anonymous (vvickedme?): Actually, this IS a general DEWlabs site. We have featured content from all of the flavor nations including Distorition (see the artwork by Sean Starwars), and see the Interview with John regarding the DEWmocracy event in NYC. I invite you to write "A Case For Distortion" and I will happily post it to the site.

  6. I digg it!! Had two yesterday..i think its better than Typhoon and way better than distortion!

  7. I live in az and i made a bunch of emails to vote for my white out squad and yea i wanna see it in 6 pack and 12packs go whiteout!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I love whiteout, but it made me throw up.I still drink it evry once and a while!

  9. I miss being part of Dew Lab Team White Out !! Lets do it again !! J.T in Oregon