Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Fight For Typhoon

By Ben P., Dew Labs Member

So the Dew Labs is going into its final stretch before the general public get to ultimately decide. I have been part of this Dewmocracy II campaign every step of the way. As a winner of the Dew Labs Challenge, I was lucky to be one of fifty to receive 7 can of never released Dew, as well as a bunch of other awesome things. (including a one of a kind piece of art, and a Dew branded FlipMino) The directions that came with the kit were simple; get a bunch of your friends together and taste these flavors, record it, and tell the Dew team which flavors should ultimately go on to be the three competing sodas. The flavors ranged from sweet berry, to sour apple, and even a few strange ones (including a mango one.) None of them, in my opinion were “bad,” but there were a few that I sure wouldn’t buy religiously. My favorite, by far was flavor 231, and I was very happy to find out that this flavor has been chosen to be one of the three. Now, months later, a small box is delivered to my house. Inside are three potentially new flavors of Mountain Dew. I put the silver, unmarked except for the printed number on the side (eg 231,509, 493.) I tried these flavors, and so did my family, and to my amazement, 231 was no longer my favorite. I knew that next time I logged on to Dew Labs, I would have to choose my flavor nation, and when I did, I clicked 509 (now officially called Typhoon.) I’m not sure what was so appealing about Typhoon, but as soon as I got my first sip, I was amazed. The berry flavor (and do not assume because it is berry it is a copy of Voltage) was something like I never tasted before. It was sweet, but that is a characteristic of all Dews, but it was so flavorful and even the after-taste was enjoyable. That is where 231 lacked. It had this lingering sour after-taste, and 493 was too similar to regular Mountain Dew, in my opinion. So when spring rolls around, I know which flavor I will be campaigning for, and that flavor, is Mountain Dew Typhoon.


  1. Thanks for the awesome post Ben!

  2. Interesting to hear what other folks think about their favorites! I'm all about Distortion myself, and I think that's primarily because it's just like an amped up version of regular Dew. That said? There wasn't a single one in the bunch that I really disliked. Not surprising since I've given a go to every Dew flavor out there so far. lol