Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to get into DEWlabs - Mountain Dew Labs Open Enrollment

Why should you join? Take my experience for example:

I joined over a year ago, and was one of the first people to taste the three new flavors 493, 509, and 231. I helped name those flavors White Out, Typhoon, and Distortion (respectively). I helped pick the colors of each new flavor. After I joined the White Out flavor nation, I conference called with the designer of the label, Andre Zottolo, and helped shape they way White Out looks today. I was invited by the Mountain Dew brand team to fly to New York for a media event (but couldn't go). Then, I conference and brain-stormed commercial ideas with Steve and Jen, the makers of the original White Out commercial (with the ninjas chasing the girl).

I helped rally members in DEWlabs for the release of White Out, Typhoon, and Distortion. Then, I ran a aggressive campaign to get White Out to be voted in as the new permanent flavor of Mountain Dew. Along the way, I won lots of cool Dew gear. Finally, this fall I was flown to Denver to be in the new Mountain Dew White Out commercial which is airing nationally.

Basically, if you decide you want to really make a difference in Mountain Dew... the possibilities are almost limitless.

You can apply by clicking this link: Join DEWlabs

Before you do, check out my previous post on getting into DEWlabs.


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