Sunday, May 22, 2011

Celebrate the Individual Dew Drinker - Throw Them a Party

Printscreen captured from Mountain Dew's Facebook page.

Ever worry about your most passionate consumers becoming lost in the crowd?  That, if not recognized, they will slowly drift away and disaffect, taking their online influence and crowdsourced motivation with them?  Maybe you know how powerful negative social dialog can be, and you wish to combat it by drowning it out with as much user generated positive feedback as possible.

Mountain Dew and Motive have a plan to navigate these tricky waters.  The idea is to celebrate the power of the collected consumers' voice by bringing back old flavors that they have been demanding (hence, back by popular DEWmand), while acknowledging the role of some passionate fans in the flavor's redux.

First, the super fans are recognized by making them a "Flavor All-Star" for the drink they have championed.  Part of the deal is that they get a party, thrown by Motive, custom tailored to them in their Dew-loving uniqueness.  Out of Mountain Dew's 5+ million of regular Facebook fans, and 4000+ Dew Labs members, 7 make the cut.  For these fans, the recognition means everything.  People in the 18-30 year old demographic really want to be recognized as special, and not in a superficial way.  It's a way for the brand to show a few die-hards that they really know and care about them.

These fans then make up a panel of judges for a promotion.  Their face is plastered up on Facebook, demanding respect for the contributions they have made and notifying the world that they are the revered judges of the upcoming online contest.  The contest is geared to try and spawn even more super fans.  Followers of Mountain Dew submit media via Facebook to show their love for their favorite flavor, the winner - chosen based on their passion for their flavor - will win a flavor party of their own fueled by Mountain Dew, thrown Motive.  After the submissions are narrowed down by the community at large, the super fan judge panel will make the final decision in collaboration with brand managers.

At the end of the day, the most passionate Dew fans are rewarded for their efforts, Dew Labs members are motivated by the sight of what is possible for excelling in the program, the seeds of the next generation of ultimate fans is sown, and regular fans start having a deep-impression brand experience all while simultaneously promoting the limited time offer return of Mountain Dew Pitch Black and Supernova through extremely efficient social media.

This, my friends, is why Mountain Dew and Motive kick-ass.  This is why they are winning Ex Awards and landing on the cover of Event magazine and getting their name thrown around by Adage and Mashable.  They are brilliant, cost effective, unstoppable.  I am one of these super fans, I know in a weird way that I am a tool in the giant marketing machine.  But, I feel like these guys respect me.  They know me.  They have listened to and implemented many of my suggestions.  And, I have tirelessly promoted them on my own.  For free.  Why?  Because I know them and respect them.  And, in a weird way I feel like I am helping them out.  It's all about a mutual respect, me doing what I can for them and them doing what they can for me.  Dew fans helping Dew fans who also happen to be marketers.

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