Saturday, April 17, 2010

How To: Get Into DEWlabs

Participation in Mountain Dew's exclusive DEWlabs is invitation only. However, there are some things you can do that will help you get an invite. Participate! Follow Mountain Dew on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for the DEWsletter, enter into contests. After all, for them to invite you they have to have your email address and know that you are active online. Sometimes, there is a place on that you can enter in your email address if you want to be considered for DEWlabs.

Once you get the invite, you're not necessarily in. Mountain Dew is looking for a particular type of Dew fan... an uber fan, a fan that goes the extra mile for their Mountain Dew. Brand manager Brett O'Brian has described DEWlabs members as:
" ...passionate not just in ‘I love this brand,’ but ‘I want to talk about it;’ ‘its part of who I am;’ ‘it’s a part of my everyday;’ ‘I eat, drink, sleep Mountain Dew.’ It represents who they are."

I remember that when I got my invite, there were a few survey questions that reflected this. How you respond is a factor in your eligibility. Things like "How often do you drink Mountain Dew?" and "Which soda do you prefer over all?" as well as questions about my age and activity online. Are you the type of Dew fan that the brand is looking for?

Remember, DEWlabs and DEWmocracy are very much rooted in social media internet (things like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube, etc.) if you want to participate you should probably be familiar with all of these enough to have an account in many of them. I remember at the time I was invited I had a couple of blogs, a Twitter account, a Facebook, a YouTube, and some others. I am not sure about the age requirement... I am 25. But I have heard of people who said they were rejected for being too young, so the age limit might be 18.

Once you get in, give me a shout out! Get ready to participate on a level beyond just entering to win free stuff, get ready to help shape the brand you love!

DEWlabs has been an awesome experience for me. For the first time, I have seen the faces behind a big corporate brand. I used to think that corporate big wigs were so concerned with only the bottom line that they had forgotten about the consumer as individuals... now when I buy a bottle of Mountain Dew I think of the super nice people I have interacted with in the Dew brand team. I think of Angie, Matt, Courtney, and Brett. Real people who took the time to stop and listen to me, an individual consumer. I look at the packaging of Mountain Dew White Out, and I think of Andre the designer. I see the commercial, and I think of Steve and Jen. In the end, Mountain Dew is all about people.

You can apply by clicking this link: Join DEWlabs


  1. I actually found a permanent invite loophole... lol

    Check it:
    Clicking this does not allow you to sign up -

    Click this will -

  2. whats the loophole

  3. :( guess it's over with. I tried to sign in and it doesn't recognize my login info. Sooo sad.

  4. is dew labs done? i tried to sign in and it doesnt reconize my login info

  5. Would be honored to be part of the DEWLabs. Send me an invite, would love to share my perspective and feedback.

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