Friday, February 5, 2010

Social Media : 8 Ways to Get on Track

Guest Post by Danielle Hatfield

Before you travel to the 40 destinations arranged for you on this trip, check your baggage and Register Your Username on Social Media Sites.

Find a comfortable seat and enjoy each stop . . .

Stop 1 - Decide on What Social M
edia Channels Best Fit Your Current Needs / Skill Set

Top Social Media Sites
How Many Social Media Channels Do You Use For Your Brand? « Jeffbullas’s Blog
List Of Top Social Media Network Sites
Ning | Create and discover Ning Social Networks for your interests
Hukilau Proposes a New Way to Produce Entertainment

Stop 2 - Have A Clear Goal In Mind With Your Engagement And Develop A Strategy

Social Media for Business: The Dos & Don'ts of Sharing
Social Media Marketing Campaigns: How to Set Goals and Define Your Target Market
HOW TO: Manage Social Media Goals and Expectations
What Are Your Social Media Goals? - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Stop 3 - Be Consistent With Your Brand

The No. 1 Rule / Brand Consistency
Branding Beyond Marketing - How Company Branding Extends Beyond Marketing
Building Brand Consistency: Materials Checklist
Brand: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Stop 4 - Find And Follow/Friend/Fan Those Who Are Using Social Media Well

PR Communications: Social Media Leaders Identified Through Engagement
40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them
Social Media for Business - Who's Doing it Well & How
Find a Mentor on New Social Networking Site

Stop 5 - Connect With People Who Share Common Interests / Goals / Industry / Location

How 2 Connect Using Social Media
30 Top LinkedIn Groups for Entrepreneurs, eMarketers, and Social Media Enthusiasts
Localtweeps :: Help localize your Twittersphere!
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Chad Ochocinco connected with fan through social media

Stop 6 - Devote Time *Everyday* To Invest In Your Online Relationships - Get To Know Your Fans/Followers

How Much Time Should You Spend On Social Media?
Do you have time for social media?
How Much Time Should I Spend On Social Media

Stop 7 - Host/Attend Real Life Networking Events

Find Networking Events - directory of local networking events
Business Networking Events Finders | Find Business Networking ...
Social Media Meetup Groups - Social Media Meetups
Top 10 Social Networks to Find Local Business Events
Making the Most of Networking Events - How to Work a Room

Stop 8 - Invite Fans/Followers/Industry Leaders To Be A Guest Blogger Or Offer To Guest Post

How to be a Good Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger Guidelines
How to Find a Guest Blogger for your Blog
Guest Blogging - Become an Expert in Your Field
Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide
Guest Blogging 101

Guest Post by Danielle Hatfield: Chief Dirt Digger at Experience Farm.

Guest post end, blog owner comments begin: Who is Danielle Hatfield? I bumped into @dhatfield on Twitter one day while looking for experts in social media. I was impressed by her site, (simple, yet so artistic and personal), so I started Tweeting to her about bacon and social media. After multiple tweets, DMs, and emails (and Googling her name) I can honestly say that she is one of the *nicest* people I have met in my social networking adventures. I receive messages like "@Dewlabs great! . . . And yes, I am from "those" Hatfield's. I have the temper to prove it. ;)" and "stop. stop that right now I am baconless!! . . . maybe bacon should have been the one to come up with "it'll tickle yore innards' ::sigh::"

From what I can gather online, Danielle started Experience Farm "We provide the best shit to fertilize your brand!" with just this last January. She lives near Greensboro North Carolina, and ran her last half marathon in under 2 hours - or so I thought, she just emailed me that this other running Danielle must be a doppelgänger "the only thing that could get me running is a Neese's sausage truck, the only thing that could make me stop is a biscuit." Danielle is so smooth with social networking, that even though we haven't met I would be comfortable chasing down an ice cream truck (or any other food bearing vehicle) with her. On the way we could talk about bacon, coffee, and social media.


  1. Danielle - great post! So often folks jump into Social w/o a plan. If we begin, as you suggest, with some planning and forethought, our chances of success are greatly improved.

    Plan on spending some time with social - another great point. It isn't free - you just don't pay with money.

    Thanks for this. More please!!

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